Select CD-ROM Boot Type when installing Server 2008 64-bit with Hyper-V


0 - create 3 folders c:\server2008iso c:\server2008exe c:\server2008dvd
1 - download this .exe file and put into c:\server2008exe
2 - put .iso you downloaded from ms into c:\server2008iso and unzip it
3 - move .iso file out of c:\server2008iso
4 -
open a dos prompt in c:\server2008exe and type:

oscdimg -n -m -bc:\server2008iso\boot\ c:\server2008iso c:\server2008dvd\server2008dvd.iso

The server2008dvd.iso is the file you gonna burn onto a new DVD

Enjoy !
/Sergio Mcfly

For more tips in windows:


Unknown said...

This also works for windows 7 build 7000 64 bit edition when installing on to macbook 2.1

Unknown said...

You can unzip with 7-zip (open source) but it isn't always accurate. A better way for this tool, if you have already burned the disc and discovered the hard way that it doesn't work, is to do the following - assuming that D:\ is your DVD drive:

oscdimg.exe -n -m -bd:\boot\ d:\ c:\windows7x64.iso

As you can see, my example above was for Windows 7 x64, since I'm trying to get that installed on a Mac Mini, but you can call the iso file whatever you like. (It's the output, not the input. The input is a folder, or in this case, a DVD-ROM disc.) Note that you have to change the -bc: to -bd:, since the drive letter changes.

(Also note that I haven't yet tested this disc in my Mac Mini, but results should be identical to monkeying with the ISO and significantly easier than using ImgBurn as other guides suggest.)

Unknown said...

Just tested my above ISO and it worked perfectly! Yay, no more "Select CD-ROM Boot Type" error messages. I'll do the same thing next on my Vista SP1 disc. Silly UEFI ...

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for that command, worked great!

Unknown said...

This also works for the newly released Windows 7 RTM. I just created a Windows 7 image using this method with the image I downloaded from MSDN.

I would also note for those of you trying, that the switch -b does not need a space after it. So if you copy it exactly as posted, it will work fine. I assumed there need to be a space between the -b and the path, but this will give you a Could not open boot sector file "" error.

Rajesh said...

Works great, thanks a lot
I would say just follow the guide step by step and you can't make a mistake.

Unknown said...

BIG thanks for these instructions. They also work great on the Windows7 x64 Retail disc.

Used it to install it on a Dec 2007 iMac.

Unknown said...

This also works for windows 7 build 7000 64 bit edition when installing on to macbook 2.1chaussures puma
Tn Requin

Rishabh said...

does it work for windows server 2003 too...i cant find any directory named boot in my windows server 2003 cd.

Richard and Sarah said...

Also worked a treat on a Windows 7 32 bit, upgrade disk - later installed onto a macbook pro. Thanks for a great and simple to understand guide!

lazinha said...

This also works for windows 7 build 7000 6

I am also trying to do this as well. I'm a bit confused about unzipping the .iso file.

I wasn't aware that yo ucould unzip an .iso file, or are you saying the file was zipped when downloaded so you needed to unzip to expose the .iso file? Thanks for you help.

Any more detailed instruction would be greatly beneficial. I have tried the instructions here:

But when I tried to boot from the DVD I got the following error:error 5, the disk is not bootable.

Now I am trying it your way.

Mike Varela said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm attempting the create folder part but windows XP is complaining about the colon in the folder name... it won't let me create c:\ or even c:. How can I proceed

kentays said...

:C is the directory you create the folder 'server2008dvd'

James Chagetas said...

I'm new to all of this and I have what I think is a dumb question.
After I make the disk, how do I install Windows 7 on my mac?
Do I still use Boot Camp or is there some other way?
Any help would save my life.
Thank you.

Randy said...

worked like a charm!

**Reply to James**
I just finshed doing this!

start bootcamp and create a partition the size you can afford then you can put the dvd in the drive then either install through bootcamp or restart your computer with the dvd in and press and hold alt/option key as soon as you hear the start up sound or see the lite blue screen till you see your boot options, then select your dvd, when prompted quickly press any key to boot from dvd then follow installation instructions... good luck!

Unknown said...

I have been trying to install windows 7 on my mac and encountered this error. I have discovered that if you use parallels or vmware instead of bootcamp, windows7 installs just fine.

Will said...

yep, worked for me, although the windows cd didn't show up in rEFIt the first time -- I had to restart once more, then all went smoothly

Gimble said...

Thanks for the oscdimg.exe command line, Louis. Years later and still helpful via Google-Fu!

mirko.boggian said...

You're a genius! thank you very much!

Keepy said...

Thanks for posting, it seems to have helped a lot of people so far. I'm having trouble naming my folders in the same way though. My Mac keeps telling me that it won't allow punctuation, so I'm guessing it's the ":"

How have you all been getting around this?

Also, would I be using Terminal to input that command?

Thank you,


Will Smothers said...

I am a Windows System Engineer and have been working with Windows for going on almost 20-years. I have worked with Macs since my first Apple Classic.

This is the most useful post I have found in quite some time!!!

Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

Yep, this worked for me too... on installing Windows 7 x64 on Lion Macbook pro...

DevilBoy said...

@Keepy - You need to be doing this work on a Windows computer. The " : " is on Windows what goes between a drive letter and the folders.

Also, works with the Windows 8 Developer Build. The ISO from the MSDN site also comes up with the same problem. Thanks!

jcakashiya said...

I have a different problem. Have th disk made no problem.

Windows start up click install and get unable to load device driver

Randyx said...

SUPEEEER !!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much DUDE :D

Mac2Win said...

Does this work for an OEM version of Win7 64bit?

John said...

So I have a late 08 MBP, an ISO of Windows 7 and I keep getting the code 5 msg every time I try to install. I have no means of running windows on my MBP at the moment.
I still dont get how Loui's command is to be used:(
I have to enter it at some working windows computer and then re-burn? Coz he said "if you have already burned the disc...."

Unknown said...

This was excellent. Worked great for Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64bit on a Macbook 2,1.


Anonymous said...


i have purchase new laptop Dell vostro 1550 with ubuntu 11.04 OS. While try to install Windows 7 Ultimate through DVD it alerts " Unable to boot from CD Error-code: 5", I am Googled quite bit. however i didn't find any simple way to resolve the issue. finally i read the Microsoft forum there one man address this blog..

Its very simple and work for me.. now i am install Windows 7 utimate what i like.. once again thanks for ur effort..


mail4nils said...

That also works with Windows 10 64bit-Version on my 2007 MacBook. Thank you!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

ERROR: Could not open boot sector file "c:\server2008iso\boot\"
Error 3

asdsdadsds said...

Why cannont open?? hmm
Trik Seo Cumi

Gonzo.T.Durden said...

Great hint!
Also worked for our 2007 MacBook 3,1 to get Windows 10 (Creators Update) up and running! Fantastic MacBook is still alive and kicking (while being obsolete from Apple)
After using drivers from Apple BootCamp 4 and 5 also the Trackpad, Display and Sound worked fine.

Unknown said...

Worked with Windows 10 (1709) on a Mac Mini 2,1! Thanks!

Patrick Rynhart said...

Thank you so much. Another person on a Mac who was helped by this! Thanks again :)

CA said...

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